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Electrician Services in Kansas

P&S Electric is your main source for electrical troubleshooting, high voltage work, panel wiring, machine relocations, capacitor installation, lighting and many more services. Our experience also covers medium voltage feeder installations in tray and raceways, as well as electrical controls, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and automation.

In addition to providing high voltage line services and power factor correction capacitor installation, P & S Electric Incorporated also provides primary metering, line extensions utility pole installations and removal.
We can also install and re-lamp parking lot lights for commercial/industrial such as dealerships, department stores, eating establishments, and municipal streetlight re-lamping. Some other services we provide include:
P & S Electric Incorporated provides fabrication and wiring for, reduced voltage auto-transformer controllers, DC rectification systems, electromagnetic control, and programmable logic controller retrofits, dimming systems, etc.
Don't get caught off guard. Passing storms can knock out your home or business power unexpectedly. A back up generator can ensure that you keep the power going until P&S Electric gets there!
Maybe you have an electrical system in need of repair or you may require a completely new installation. Give us a call to locate underground electrical before digging/trenching! We use the best locating tools available to help eliminate damage to existing wiring systems. Medium-Voltage & High-Voltage Metering, we'll handle all of your underground or overhead medium-voltage electrical.
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Control Panels (Built to your specifications)
  • Motors and Motor Shop
  • Control Circuitry
  • Motor Installation & Design
  • Switch Controls
Motor Bearing Replacement (on site)
  • Underground Fault Location (replacement/repair)
  • Analyzing Faulty Circuits
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance (motors & circuitry)
  • 3-Phase, Primary & Secondary Voltage Construction
  • Contractor and Removal of Underground Tanks
  • Contractor and Removal of Aboveground Tanks
  • Backhoe & Trenching
  • Farm & Feedlot Wiring (all kinds)
  • PLCs
Variable Frequency Drives
P&S Electric's knowledge of the Oilfield, Agriculture & Industrial areas, has assisted us in setting up some of the technology to solve the problems that we see every day on single reduction and conventional pumping units, down hole sub pumps and screw pumps.

To simply state what an VFD can do, Everything! Process control and energy conservation are the two primary reasons for using a variable frequency drive. Historically, variable frequency drives were developed for process control, but energy conservation has emerged as an equally important objective.
VFD provide significant energy savings when:
  • Pumps are operated at low flow rates
  • Existing system has bypass control
  • System has low static pressure (head).
  • Local electricity costs are high
  • Pump has steep design curve.
  • Accurate control and flexibility of the pump system selected
  • Linking to other automation systems
  • Reduce stress on electrical supply always start pump motor supply softly with much lower peak current
  • Natural part of control loop - eliminate deadband.
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost - ex: reduce water hammer effects caused by rapid changes in fluid throughput
Power house - residential electrician in Great Bend, KS


  • Roustabout Services
  • General Lease work
  • Lead Lines
  • Certified in Poly Welding Gas Lines
We also offer installation, sales, and service for variable speed drives custom built for your application and auto transformers. P & S Electric can perform any or all of the above services by providing specialized equipment including digger truck, bucket/basket truck, gin truck, trenchers and backhoes. Should you need emergency service for your facility, repair, or design building a medium-voltage system we will help meet your requirements. We can build and set poles including metering, fusing and distribution.

With our team of electricians, supported by a professional office staff, P & S Electric can provide machine wiring and relocation, interior/exterior commercial/industrial lighting, substation installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) design.
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